Video Gait Case: Cross over gait, low gear toe off.

Video case: Cross over gait and low gear toe off.
I have just made the assumption that this was a forgone conclusion, an obvious link. But after a dialogue with a very intelligent gait person, a debate occurred around the cross over gait and i suddenly realized that they did not understand normal gait mechanics and thus could in no way possible understand pathologic gait mechanics like the cross over gait, and in particular high gear toe off vs low gear toe off and all they both encompass. Ivo and i say it all the time, if one does not solidly know normal mechanics it is going to be difficult to truly understand pathologic mechanics. Here today, in this brief example, i hope i make a firm point. Sorry for the quality of the video, but the point should be clear. - Shawn

addendum: ;
The Gait Guys try it yourself, walk on a single straight line and try to effectively "high gear" (big toe/medial tripod) toe off. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN DAWG ! Unless of course you go into a ridiculous degree of increased foot progression angle. But now you are compensating around a compensation.......the death spiral.