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You know we are big Altra Fans. Check out their new commercial!

We are sure your keen eyes have picked up on the midfoot pronation at :17 and forefoot pronation at :28. This brings to mind a question we often get asked: How much pronation is too much pronation?

Some pronation is necessary, as it is one of the 4 shock normal absorbing mechanisms

  1. midfoot pronation
  2. ankle dorsiflexion
  3. knee flexion
  4. hip flexion)

We do not believe there is a perfect answer, but rather the ideal is: How much pronation can your (neuro and bio) mechanics control? Too much in one individual may be not enough in another. It has to do with foot structure, muscle competency, neuromuscular control, and a host of other things.

Remember the mantra: Skill, endurance, strength… in that order! Work to control the pronation you have and expand on that range.

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