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The Vamp: What you need to know… (3 pics here today)

Vamp may refer to anything from a Norwegian folk band, a repeating musical figure in a song, a femme fatale, a vampire, a movie, action figure or comic character. It can also be part of a shoe. 

For our intents and purposes, though these are all interesting topics, we are going to limit our discussion to shoes…

Every shoe has an upper part that helps hold the shoe onto the foot. The “vamp” refers to the upper at can cover anywhere on the top part of the foot between where the toes and the legs connect to the foot.

In styles that don’t offer a lot of coverage on top of the foot, the part that covers the tops of the toes might also be referred to as the vamp. Closed footwear, such as boots, trainers and most men’s shoes, will have a more complex upper. This part is often decorated or is made in a certain style to look attractive.

The vamp has a medial and lateral part. The medial vamp (located on the inside or big toe side of the shoe) often gives support to the medial longitudinal arch of the foot (since most shoes offer little if any arch support in and of themselves). Likewise, the lateral vamp can (but often does not) offer support to the lateral longitudinal arch.

Most folks like shoes with a larger, snug medial vamp, because it “feels” better and that’s what they are used to. Then again, most people wear shoes that are too tight for their feet anyway. More on this in a post on the Brannock’s Device.

The Vamp. An athletic supporter for your feet : )

Ivo and Shawn. Definitely Foot geeks, but not shoe vamps.