Coordination of leg swing, thorax rotations, and pelvis rotations during gait: The organisation of total body angular momentum

"In walking faster than 3 km/h, transverse pelvic rotation lengthens the step (“pelvic step”).
The shift in pelvis–thorax coordination from in-phase to out of phase with increasing velocity was found to depend on the pelvis beginning to move in-phase with the femur, while the thorax continued to counter rotate with respect to the femur. "

We are always trying to bring greater understanding to this group at TGG regarding gait mechanics. One must understand the implications of rotational work, and anti-rotational work on the phasic and antiphasic nature of the thorax and the pelvis. We have talked about becoming more phasic when there is spine pain. With today's study, we delve just al little deeper, particularly noting how the pelvis and the femur moving together first, before that is offset by the antiphasic nature of the thorax at higher speeds of gait.
This article uses the terms in phase and out of phase. We have learned over time that those terms to relate more so the description of how the limbs are, or are not, pairing up when a couple is walking together. None the less, the reader here should understand how they are referring to out of phase as antiphasic.…/article/pii/S096663620700135X