The Problematic Cross-over Gait Motor Pattern: Part 1

It seems that many of our newer viewers have come on in the last year, sometime after we did the 3 part series on The Cross Over Gait.  So, we are putting this one up for all those noobs when it comes to The Cross-Over. Remember, it is a 3 part series, just type in “cross over” into our Youtube channel search.  Happy 4th everyone !

Here Dr. Shawn Allen of The Gait Guys works with elite athlete Jack Driggs to reduce a power leak in his running form. The Cross-over gait is a product of gluteus medius and abdominal weakness and leaves the runner with much frontal plane hip movement, very little separation of the knees and a “cross over” of the feet, rendering a near “tight rope” running appearance where the feet seem to land on a straight line path. In Part 2, Dr. Allen will discuss a more detailed specific method to fix this. You will see this problem in well over 50% of runners. This problem leads to injury at the hip, knee and foot levels quite frequently. To date we have not met anyone who had a good grasp on this clinical issue or a remedy quite like ours. Help us make this video go viral so we can help more runners with this problem. Forward it to your coaches, your friends, everyone.
Thanks for watching our video, thanks for your time.
-Dr. Shawn Allen, The Gait Guys
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