New changes around Mizuno's 2011 running footwear lineup

What the GAit Guys Say:     It is Time for Shoe Talk on The Gait Guys: breaking news…New Mizuno Wave Rider Shoe…..still the same Heel to Forefoot Ratio (RF:FF ratio)……still 2:1 (24mm : 12mm). The Precision is also 2:1 (22mm:10mm). Concern ? The heel is still raised, altered forefoot load, promotes heel strike, short posterior compartment ?

It is well documented in the literature that cushioned shoes increase impact forces. Increased impact forces often lead to injury and compensation… and the Wave rider 12 won an editors choice award from Runners World? What are they thinking? Increased comfort does not necessarily equate to better performance. How many athletes do you know who train in a recliner?