The New Brooks Pure Project line.  4 models in the line.

To set your understanding level for the entire video…… at the start he says the first shoe has a 14-10 offset. That means 10mm of foam under the forefoot, and 14 under the heel, almost a 1:1 heel rise:forefoot rise meaning that the heel is only raised 4 mm compared to the forefoot.  This leaves a ramp angle probably well below 5 degrees, depending on your foot length.  As he discusses the other 3 shoes, he will mention different offsets…… like 15-11 for the Pure Grit. Notice the net change is still 4mm offset.  So they all have the same 4 mm heel rise.  The 14-10 Pure Connect as the least amount of EVA foam under the foot, so you supposedly will “feel” the ground more.  With less foam, you need to be a better shock absorber with your body. The Pure Flow is 18-14 offset, meaning more EVA foam for more cushion and shock absorption.  Remember…. transitioning to minimalistic shoe wear like this means that  your heel will be suddenly ~10 lower than it is used to in shoes.  Your “trainers” , your older style shoes,  have raised the heel and allowed for a slight shortening of the calf and achilles complex, let alone monkey’d around with the normal biomechanics that should have been occurring.  So, suddenly dropping 10mm may take some time. Play it safe, start with every other short run, wean into them.

We have been waiting for this shoe line. We hope it holds up to our standards, and prior Brooks Standards.

The Gait Guys