More on the “Earth” shoe

3.7 degrees. Who (besides maybe Kevin Bacon) would have thought a few degrees could make that much of a difference?

We don not doubt that the shoe helps you to burn more energy. You are walking up hill against your normal biomechanics. Inefficiency usually costs more energy.

Remember our friend “PRONATION”? It consists of dorsiflexion, eversion and abduction. SOME PRONATION is requisite for normal gait. It is one of the 4 shock absorbing mechanisms, along with ankle dorsiflexion, knee and hip flexion. (Midfoot) PRONATION begins from initial contact of the heel with the ground (loading response); friction of the heel on the ground causes the talus to slide anteriorly on the calcaneus and it then plantar flexes, adducts and everts to lower the midfoot. This goes on until MIDSTANCE, when the opposite leg begins to go into swing phase which initiates SUPINATION.

We remember PRONATION makes the foot into a “mobile adaptor” for shock absorbtion; SUPINATION makes the foot into a rigid lever for propulsion. The question is: “Why keep the foot in a position that would decrease biomechanical efficiency for ½ of the gait  cycle?”

We do not refute that the shoe does burn more energy. We agree that it will reduce the lordosis of the low back, which can be beneficial for spinal canal stenosis and a few other conditions which demand less stress on the facet joints. We like the wide (though not anatomic) toe box.

Negative ramp delta? We are not convinced this is great idea.

Ivo and Shawn. Triangular, pointy (but beautifuul and bald) heads (like a delta). Bringing you the facts so you can make better decisions.