Podcast #1: S1E1 (Season 1, Episode 1)

OK gang, here we go ! They are finally launched ! 


http://thegaitguys.libsyn.com/  (click on the small circle beside the word “Pod” beside the title)

Please be patient while we work out the audio bugs over the first 2-3 podcasts (there is some irritating reverb on this first one). We have new studio quality mics on the way, better sound cancelling earphones and we are looking at some compressors and what not to get the sound quality up. It is hard doing this through a virtual studio separated half way across the country. So, be patient with us for this brief time. 

But most of all, Enjoy !

*** IMPORTANT:  There are 2 links below.

Be sure to click below to grab our RSS feed so you never miss a podcast.  The second link below will have our session notes for the podcast so you can see the topics at hand, follow the case studies, and have all links to videos, articles at your disposal so you do not have to reach for a pen to jot them down.  All you have to do is listen and enjoy ! If you have emailed us questions or presented us with your case problems, you will find most if not all of your email typed out (ID protected of course) in the session notes.

We have pods 2-4 done already. The have better stories and we have worked out some of our anxieties about screwing up an hour long recorded mid way !  So, give us a few listens before you start firing off recommendations.  We will want them, but most of the bugs on the first 2-4 podcasts you will find resolved. So by podcast 5 we will want your input  and feedback !


Here is a website where all of our podcasts will be housed and launched from. You can find all of our session notes here as well.

We will have this all shipped over to iTunes soon so you can load them up to your ipod and mp3 players to we can be a part of your journey into work every day, or hand out with you while you cut the lawn, cook dinner or whatnot. So, Hang tight ! It is all coming.

PS: we talk about the website launch in this first podcast. It is next on our list. It is 95% done. Hang tight !

Now, if we could just quit our day jobs we would have had all this done long ago ! 

Thanks for your patience everyone !

Being on the airwaves we are now one step closer to intergalactic domination !

Shawn and Ivo, The Gait Guys