If you do not undestand limb torsions, you are quite possibly screwing up your runners.

You must understand all 3 of these (see below) to understand funky gaits that you see, and to clean up your physical exams with clients. If you are making gait or running form recommendations on this stuff without understanding Torsions you are quite possibly making very bad form recommendations and could be putting forces and torque into foot, ankle, knee or hip that are detrimental. Trust us. We know what we are talking about.

In light of our teleseminar on Chirocredit.com last night we will re-run the 5 Part series on limb Torsions and Versions.

Remember, there are three areas this needs to be considered in:

1. torsion of the talus

2. tibial torsion

3. femoral torsion

here is the link to our old post on this topic, part 1a


Shawn and Ivo