Case of the Week: Rib Pain while Running: Part 1

This 39 year old woman presents with with rib pain, pointing to right ribs. First time it “went out” 1 ½ year ago, second time a year ago and recently two weeks ago. It is usually related to running with pain the day of and day after it is acute; it hurts to lie on her back or roll onto that side or breathe deep. She seems to do best when she is semiflexed on her knees.  Stretching can take the edge off.  When she has an acute episode, it usually lasts about a day.

She is very physically active and works out almost everyday. She runs triathlons and Ironman’s (or Ironwoman’s in this case), and generally is in good shape.

Above is what you see physically (hover mouse over each picture) and here are her exam findings:

She is 5’ and weighs approx. 105 pounds. BP 100/72 left, pulse ox 94, pulse 52. Lungs auscultate clearly, normal heart sounds, abdomen non tender and normal to percussion and auscultation.

Viewed from posterior in a standing position, she had increased tibial varum bi-lat., right greater than left, right hip had posterior rotation, less space between iliac crest and rib margin right hand side. No tenderness noted over the obliques or lower ribs left hand side. She had a loss of lateral bending to the left L2 through L4 negative theta-z stress.

She has a L  left short leg (tibial) 5 mm, bi-lat. external tibial torsion left greater than right. There is weakness of the abdominal internal and external obliques bi-lat. as well as iliopsoas, R > L. There was point tenderness at the R lesser trochanter; active and passive hip extensoin was 10 degrees right, 15 degrees left.

Question: What is your assessment and what are you going to do?

a. do not know, go have a beer

b. do not know, go have 2 beers

c. do not know, do not drink beer, have a double latte after reading Fridays post and try not to spill it

d. reply to this post,  think about it and check back later to see what The Gait Guys have to say