And what do we see here?


Let’s test your Observation skills:

Another “Gait Quickie”. Please watch the video (front and side views) and come back to see if you saw what we did:

Front view:

·      Cross over gait

o   Should be no cross over

·      Decreased progression angle R > L

o   Progression angles should be relatively symmetrical

·      Increase valgus angle at knees

o   Q angle less than 12 degrees

·      Arm swing increased on L

o   Should be symmetrical

·      Pelvic shift L > R

o   Should be little pelvic shift to either side


Side view:

·      Foot strike in front of body

o   Should be  under body

·      Lack of or incomplete hip extension

o   Hip should extend at least to match ankle dorsiflexion. We find 15 degrees is requisite to be asymptomatic

·      Forward flexion at waist

o   Forward lean should be at ankles

The Gait  Guys. We are watching your gait. Are you?


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