To Post (an orthotic) or not to post. That is the question

We have been tinkering with medial and lateral rearfoot and forefoot wedges for decades now collectively.
I would have to say that some of my greatest learning came from taking orthotics and foot beds and modifying them with various wedges (cork postings) and then asking the client how the changes impacted their gait and their pain somewhere in the kinetic chain. It was a huge learning curve, but without question, an invaluable one. I would do it all over again. It is also what allowed me to mostly get away from orthotic solutions for most clients. Because, armed with the knowledge at the foot-ground interface and then understanding how the muscles drive, slow, protect, co-contract etc I was able to melt the information into a package that much of the time, and hopefully, drives the client towards a solution, or at least more sound, stable and pain free function. If you are having someone make your orthotics and placing posts on them for you, there is a huge learning curve missing here for you. And, you are likely gonna get the prescription wrong, often. Trust me, often. We feel you should be playing these games yourself, one on one with the client, immediate feedback, immediate changes and teamwork. But, what do we know.