The Gait Guys Podcast #5 : S1E5

The Gait Guys Podcast #5: S1E5

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Topics to be discussed in Podcast #5:

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Hi guys,
I was wondering if you do distance/online consultations at all? I’m a
former athlete trying to get back into sprint training for decathlon
and am having great trouble with shin splints. I’ve been going to
various therapists in my area for months now, have spent loads of
money and am not really seeing any improvement. I’m at a bit of a loss
for what to do right now! I can easily provide good quality video of
me walking/running etc for assessment. Please let me know if you can
help and what the cost would be, it would be very much appreciated!
Thanks for your time.
Best regards,
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Hey Gait Guys,
I have just recently began watching your videos and must say it is changing the way I look at mobility and functionality. I have been vigorously exercising for 5 years now but seem to be stumbling over physical limitations that are obviously my way of compensating for asymmetries and weaknesses. In the last two years has been horrible bouts with over tight hams and weak glute issues. Re training is a slow process.
From watching your videos, I already identify with being a toe curler. The awareness alone does not help and gets worst when running. I tried to switch to minimalist shoes for running but my left heel got so tight I had to shelve that plan. I am back in stability shoes for running. I use minimalist shoes for everything else. I have horrible time balancing and it seems to emanate from weak ankles stabilizers however, I do not have weak ankles (don’t roll them etc.) but the fatigue seems to emanate from the ankles. I have also noticed that my feet have straitened pretty good from a pronounced pigeon toe that I have had since I could walk (I’m 47 now). So the feet are straighter but when approaching a mirror at the gym, I notice that I have noticeable internal rotation on my legs and my gait looks awkward. My thinking is that this is a part of the puzzle that I need to solve to get more functional and hopefully out of stability shoes and learn to have an arch again instead of flat feet.
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4. REVIEW of our favorite BLOG POST OF THE WEEK:
forefoot strike……olympic trials video review.
4 of these runners seem to have a significant varus in either their fore foot or rear foot. However this is difficult to truly tell from such small single snapshot pictures.  And just because it appears to be a varus landing does not mean that it is true on examination, a foot that has reduced peroneal activity can appear to have a  varus strike, but that does not truly then comment on a true forefoot varus. Also, remember from our previous posts, if a runners is employing a notable degree of cross over gait technique the approach of the foot to the ground and at the ground can appear to be forefoot varus. * These are critical points, because what you see is not necessarily what you truly have.  There are possibly many variables playing out.
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  A dialogue on muscle testing.  Be sure what you are testing is accurate and true.  Testing someone where they preposition themselves will always show strength.
Darn Wool Socks


Hello Gait Guys!

I LOVE your educational videos. I have such a passion for foot bio-mechanics, and am eager to sort out my own issues without the use of supports.

I am a big believer in “barefoot is best”. I exercise my feet in this manner regularly.
My question is regarding Morton’s toe, or Rothbarts’ foot. I have this on both feet, with it more pronounced on the right. I’ve got some compensations going on and would like to know if you can offer some exercise recommendations to help sort out my feet.
I consistently work on spreading the toes, and feel the need to stretch the left foot by twisting my leg to the left and stretch the right foot by twisting that leg to the left as well. When lying down, the left leg turns out, and the right leg turns in.
Am I doing enough? How long do you think it will be before my toes straighten out and I no longer get sore on the balls of my feet? 
I have had orthotics in the past which did not help, even after several adjustments. In fact, they made things worse because of course they weaken the foot.

Keep on doing what you're doing!
-Tracy - Toronto