Short foot exercise death.

Here is an article we wrote 5 months ago. It is worth reviewing in light of the other short foot articles we have shared this week.
" . . . this Short Foot exereise is a pretty prehistoric exercise if you ask me, it needs to be dusted off and updated and retaught correctly"- Dr. Allen

" . . . as we are bearing weight down on the foot the arch should be in a controlled pronatory deformation to shock absorb. There is no time to be reacting off the floor into a short foot, that opportunity moment is lost at contact, actually it really never occurs once the ground is met whether one is in initial rearfoot, midfoot or forefoot strike. The foot has to be prepared at the time of contact with its’ most competent arch, not busy reacting after the fact trying to achieve the competent structure. The value in the short foot is earning competence in its loading ability and learning to control its adaptive eccentric lengthening, this must be possible in both toe extension and toe flexion (ground contact)."

We have much more to say in the blog post...... link provided below.