When the wrong shoe, meets the right foot

Is it any wonder that this gentleman has pain on the dorsum of this his feet?

1st of all, how about his internal tibial torsion? It is bilateral, L > R. This places the majority of his weight on the outside of his feet, keeping him somewhat supinated most of the time.

2nd: he has an anatomical leg length discrepancy on the right which is tibial (see pictures 2 and 3). This will place EVEN MORE weight on the outside of the right foot, as it will often remain in supination in an attempt to "lengthen" itself.

3rd, take a look at his shoes. Is this particular model supposed to be rear foot posted in varus? Talk about adding insult to injury! This will place this guys feet into EVEN MORE supination and EVEN MORE on the outside of his feet. maybe the right shoe is worn into more supination because of his right sided LLD?

And if that wasn't enough, this particular shoe has increased torsional rigidity through the midfoot, slowing or arresting any hope of shock absorption that he may have. 

Yikes! We sure wish more folks knew more about feet and shoes! Maybe they should think about taking the National Shoe Fit Program? Email us for more info.