This one is important. The stinky gait.

It is the end of the week folks. And that means it is time for a post recycle. As we approach 800 blog posts it is increasingly difficult for the new members to the gait brethren here at The Gait Guys to catch up. So we make Fridays a recap of an oldie but a goodie. And today’s choice STINKS (You will understand in a moment).  This one has an important preamble so we hope that  you will take the 5 minutes to watch this video and read what we believed was important to write. It parlays nicely with yesterday’s blog post on muscles.

Enjoy this one folks, and have a great weekend. We took a week off of podcasting this week, our government wants us to pay our taxes again, so it was off the the accountants we went (killing and screaming of course). Shesh ! The never of them !!!!!   We hope to be recording a new podcast over the weekend.

The Stinky Gait:  link:

Shawn and Ivo, The Gait Guys