Podcast 121: Carrying things, Overtraining Syndrome, Ankle Rocker and more.

Key tag words:  OTS, overtraining, carries, carrying babies, ankle rocker, foot types, forefoot supinatus, forefoot varus, ankle sprains, nervous system, mitochondria, motor patterns, fatigue

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Show Notes:

1. Why women carry babies on their left side
- perhaps a transition talk into arm swing symmetry, and built in asymmetries in peoples gait


2. OTS: Overtraining syndrome
this post got many hits
- CNS sympathetic-parasympathetic talk again, homeostasis

3. Chris Beardsley   Strength and Conditioning Research
From posts: December 24, 2016 , Nov 24, 2016

4. The ankles have it:


5. Foot types and knee arthritis:
The Association of Forefoot Varus Deformity with Patellofemoral Cartilage Damage in Older Adult Cadavers. Lufler, Stefanik, Niu, Sawyer, Hoagland, Gross


6. Fatigue and motor patterns:

7. Forefoot loading: