4 ways to fix your running stride ? ummmm

Just too simple and cooked down an article for us.
eh, maybe 2 of these have some value. But we wouldn't head to the bank on them. We have plenty of pro runners who have a decent hallux rigidus and compensate surprisingly well. But, if it ain't broken, and causing other things to become broken, leave it alone. Consider making anatomic anomalies more durable when you cannot fix or change them. As for premature heel rise, "stretch the calf", that is all they were willing to come up with? Our readers know to go a little deeper (anterior compartment assessement, hip extension assessment etc). Zero mention of hip as a cause. He merely touched on the hip drop one in our post yesterday, but that is a goliath of a topic. Read with a jaundiced eye.

4 Ways to Fix Your Running Stride

A seasoned biomechanics expert offers his top insights on running-form danger signs