Part 2 of a case study from Northern Ireland. This video discusses the dynamic findings and how they correlate clinically with the history. Treatment recommendations are discussed as well.

Follow up question from a doctor…..

Thanks for the post. Interesting case study. Are most hernias at this point a result of overactive hip flexors? What would be your exercise dosage/prescription of the exercises mentioned in part 2?

The Gait Guys In our experience, most inguinal hernias are due to weakness of the lower abdominal wall, in this case, the external obliques, not being able to fire appropriately to guard against the load. Exercise would most likely progress along the lines of skill 1st (can he perform the exercise appropriately), endurance 2nd (increased reps to increase capillarization, myoglobin content, mitochondrial content; beginning with 8-12 reps and increasing to 5-10 sets daily) and strength last (low reps, high weight; dependent on progress)