Podcast 35: Future-tech of shoe fit, Case studies & technology.

Podcast 35: Future-tech of shoe fit, Case studies & technology.
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Today’s show notes:

Neuroscience piece:
1- Wearable computers will be inside us
2- First ever head transplants are possible and not far off.

3- 3D printed casts for shoe fit. The new future ?

4- FB reader sent us a message:
-Hi Gait Guys,

I have anterior pelvic tilt and overpronation of the right foot.

at gait, LEFT foot does toe off properly and straight.
However, RIGHT foot moves towards my center at toe off. It just sort of caves in & moves in as well.

I managed to really reduce that(i think) from massages and strengthening glutes etc but I would just like to know what causes that so I know what to target.

Once again, congratulations on your work. Not only has it not been done before over the whole internet it is excellent.

-a tormented athlete with postural difficulties
5- Another FB reader asks question about heel spurs, plantar fascitis, ankle biomechanics
6- Questions from a field doc:
Hey guys,
I have a couple questions for you that you could possibly use or you could simply answer them via email. 
1)  Ivo, in one of your videos on muscle function you talk about muscle inhibition.  I always thought the CNS simply chooses not to recruit all of the motor units in a muscle or chain of muscles to protect from injury, compensate, etc.  You mentioned in your video the CNS somehow recognizes the spindles in these motor units are already “turned on” so they will not activate.  I’m not sure I have this correct but I was hoping you could elaborate on this confusing but interesting neurological phenomenon.
7- Patient case yesterday:
Runner comes in and says “i keep landing on the outside of my left foot when i run, it is there a little when i walk, but more prominent when i run. Everywhere i read the armchair experts are saying to just let foot strike happen naturally.  Do i leave this alone ? Oh, and my left hip is always tight.”