Following up on the peroneal topic of the week. HEre is a trademark exercise of ours.

  • From a Reader: Just used the exercise on myself and a patient. Really like it. 2 questions. Can you get a better effect if performed on the edge of a step? Secondly, do you want to start in a tripod position and perhaps with short foot?
  • The Gait Guys We are assuming you mean letting the heel drop lower than the step/forefoot: and based on that assumption……if you feel that your client is ready for eccentric strength you can opt to do a slow decent into a negative heel. However, if there is ankle rocker limitation it would be wise to keep in mind that some of that end range dorsiflexion one might think they are getting from the ankle mortise joint might be from arch/midfoot collapse dorsiflexion , rear foot eversion and strain the plantar structures. Perhaps as they progress and gain still and control perhaps it is a good option. AWESOME question. As always, just because someone can do something doesnt mean they can do it safely. As for the tripod question…….well, they will be in the forefoot bipod mostly……bc the heel is off the ground……but this brings up technical issues if they are forefoot valgus or FF varus…..esp if they are rigid deformities…… is doubtful many people are even considering this…… once again, bravo Sir ! Is is quite often the small things that are the defining issues of the success or failure of a methodology. Bravo. !!!!! So glad you are part of this brethren David !