Podcast 48: Running Tech, Cadence and Running Shoes

Podcast 48 is live !  Topics: new gait and running technologies, general gait and running talk, generation slow-poke, cadence and barefoot, mixing up your running shoes, a case of hallux rigidus and more !  Join us for another podcast here on The Gait Guys !

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* Today’s show notes:

Neuroscience piece
1. The Sproutling: Why A Fitbit For Babies Might Be Brilliant

2.Coming Soon: Workout Gear That Monitors Your Muscles
3. Micromovements hold hidden information about severity of autism
4 Gait Factoid:
Q: Why do the two of us focus on gait so much ?  
A: Because it is such a deeply primary motor pattern that it is all encompassing.  
5. in the media this week:
Generation slowpoke? Kids don’t run as fast as parents once did, study finds - TODAY.com
7. In the media:
Can mixing up the running shoes prevent overuse running injury? | Running Research Junkie
9. From a Blog reader:
Hello the gait guys. I have over pronated rigid cavus along with hallux rigidus on my feet (also had one failed surgery for hallux rigidus on right foot). Having really hard time to be on my feet as well as find shoes and use orthotics. Due to the rigidity of my feet orthotics I’’ve been given create pain I can’t bear and mostly push medial side of my feet. Also without orthotics it is not much better - getting constant pain in my feet and knees. What would be your advise in my situation?Thanks
10. From a blog reader
Question: when my feet point straight my knees point outward from my body. I’ve heard it called external femoral torsion. Is this correct? Also is there any type of PT/stretching I can do to correct this? Would love to get things straightened out (no pun intended).
11 . National Shoe Fit Program