Reteaching sensory-motor patterns

Trying to reteach your client’s CNS new sensory-motor patterns so they can move better ? We like to say that the first few weeks are like paying down a mortgage, you do not own them, you are cerebrally renting those changes and barely paying down the principle. It takes focused work and time to truly own the changes so that they translate into better movement.
“Depending on the complexity of the activity, [experiments have required] four and a half months, 144 days or even three months for a new brain map, equal in complexity to an old one, to be created in the motor cortex.” -Swart
New connections and pathways are fragile and only through repetition and practice and focused attention can those connections be established enough to become habitual or default behaviors.

Neuroscience for Leadership: Harnessing the Brain Gain Advantage (The Neuroscience of Business). Tara Swart