Foot Edge work. 

Dancer: Marquese Scott

This may be one of the most amazing displays of body movement and body awareness we have ever seen, let alone, the amazing foot work. Look at the ankle and lower limb control not to mention the inside and outside edge foot work especially at the 1:40 mark

(You will hear more about edge work in some blog posts down the road. For over 2 years now Dr. Allen has been quietly working with, studying, and taking lessons from some of the best dancers. He has been a student, learning from these professionals. The goal is to bring what he has learned about these and other kinds of foot skills and body movements, in combination with what we already know, to The Gait Guys. It has been a mentally and physically challenging, not to mention humbling, experience to say the least. A new friendship with a world champion latin dance pro brings more promise to deeper insights, these people have amazing feet and body awareness). Edgework will blow your mind.  More on it soon !

Without skill and strength of edge work you will never be able to do this kind of stuff.  Can you magine an NBA or NFL player with these kinds of edgework skills ! There is a reason that some of the best have dabbled in dance, and Dr. Allen is on a journey to find out why. With these foot skills, can you say “unstoppable” !? 

You will not be able to watch this just once. You will be mesmerized. 

Some people are truly amazing, not a drop of wasted body use, awareness or function here.

… .And there are people higher up in the fields of biomechanics who do not think the the feet are important in body movement and gait ! Gee wizz !

How many shoe companies, doctors and foot specialists can you say are going this far to understand feet and gait and the intricate biomechanics, neurology and orthopedics behind the movement ?  only Shawn and Ivo.

The Gait Guys ……. two guys who understand that just stopping at gait and running is only half the story. The next dimension of The Gait Guys, coming soon.