Podcast 109: A clinical case of a total knee replacement and achilles tendonopathy.

Great open clinical discussions today on things we see in the clinic. We start with a great case that opens up the dialogue, a case of a total knee replacement and achilles tendonitis.  Hope you will join us on this clinical journey today.

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Show Notes:

Loose dialogue  on Anterior pelvis tilt and training it out


Ivo put up 2 articles recently on “Why is your muscle tight” and “iliocapsularis” muscle.
Why training the upper body might help integrate arms into gait for sporthttp://thegaitguys.tumblr.com/post/141990433844/gait-and-climbing-and-dns-part-2-introducing

- cross over looked at ?- ankle rocker looked at ?  endurance of anteiror compt looked at ?