Podcast 74: Cross Fit: More on Squatting and Hip Torsions, Part 2

Lots of great hip, squatting and biomechanics in this weeks show !

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Today’s Show notes:

Diving deeper into crossfit’s squatting, lunges, leg press.

 Walking in sync makes enemies seem less scary


The Next Big Thing In Sports Data: Predicting (And Avoiding) Injuries


“LER editor’s pick: Hip internal and external rotation are associated with shoulder mechanics in collegiate baseball pitchers. http://ow.ly/zULpO

Michael August 27 at 7:49pm I’m curious to hear some thoughts on this, too. I listened to the podcast and read the blog post by the Gait Guys. I’ve coached CrossFit since 2009 and have owned my own affiliate for the last three years and follow Starrett closely. The cue “knees out” originated in powerlifting and the purpose is to keep people from ending up compensating with a valgus knee position during a squat, which is the most common compensation. Also, CrossFit did a special “Offline Episode” with Starrett, Kilgore, Russel Berger (he represented CrossFit) and two other coaches in which the sole topic was the “knees out” cue. It’s very illuminating for this topic. One interesting thing is that CrossFit does not tell people who go through the level 1 to tell others as a law, knees out. It’s merely a cue to fix a common compensation.