Pod 144: Grounded running, Glute fatigue & Stress Fractures

Topics: Grounded running, Glute fatigue, Stress Fractures, Duty Factor, Ankle stiffness & Gait and Concussions

Keywords: gait, gait analysis, gait problems, running, ankle, band, concussions, fatigue, fracture, gait, glutes, grounded, gait guys, glute medius, problems, stiffness, stress, syndrome, time under tension

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Show notes:

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Does Running Faster Put You at Greater Risk of a Stress Fracture?
New research finds that speed might not cause as much strain on the shins as we thought
By Hailey Middlebrook
Feb 12, 2019

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Duty factor:
duty-factor. The duration of a gait cycle where each foot is on the ground

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