PRP, platelet-rich plasma for patellar tendinopathy: No more effective than saline (in this first study).

"Combined with an exercise-based rehabilitation program, a single injection of LR-PRP or LP-PRP was no more effective than saline for the improvement of patellar tendinopathy symptoms.:"

*this is the First randomized controlled trial comparing PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection to saline, for patellar tendinopathy.

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Patellar Tendinopathy: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Leukocyte-Rich PRP or Leukocyte-Poor PRP Versus Saline

Alex Scott, PhD*, Robert F. LaPrade, MD, PhD, Kimberly G. Harmon, MD,


Podcast 139: STEM &PRP therapies for athletes

We are all over the board today folks, topics like PRP but more so we go down some paths that are more fundamentally clinical and neurologic with a sprinkling of orthopedics to round things out. Sometimes these are our best shows.

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Physiological Mechanisms of PRP

image source:

image source:

We were discussing the efficacy of PRP as well as some of the pros/cons this weekend while recording an upcoming podcast.

This paper did a nice job explaining what we know versus what we do not know at this point in time, regarding the basics science behind it. A referenced, full text article for you:

Yiqin Zhou and James H-C. Wang, “PRP Treatment Efficacy for Tendinopathy: A Review of Basic Science Studies,” BioMed Research International, vol. 2016, Article ID 9103792, 8 pages, 2016.

link to free full text:

Podcast 57: The Brain, Ankle Instability, Heel Striking

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* Today’s show notes:


Focus on BDNF: Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Gait

Diabetes. 2000 Mar;49(3):436-44.
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor regulates glucose metabolism by modulating energy balance in diabetic mice.

Experimental Physiology –
Hot Topic Review
Role of exercise-induced brain-derived neurotrophic factor production in the regulation of energy homeostasis in mammals

The Brain: A new frontier in ankle instability Research

Young Girls and Future injury risk.

PRP review:

case: gait guys,

so i got orthotics which hurt like crazy (only on my bad foot). these were not the answer for me. i have an appointment with a hip specialist to see if my  … .


elliptical questions: 
Tried searching your blog but did not find anything on ellipticals.

What correct position is needed to use the machine?
I assume one that would take you out of the anterior pelvic tilt?
By doing this, would that enable  … . 
Q  :)

Alternative office furniture to avoid sitting at a desk all day,0,5603953.story

Heel Landing Beats Midfoot In Half-Marathon Study

Podcast 46: Georges St. Pierre, Regenokine & Compensation Patterns,

Podcast 46 is live !
Topics: Diffuse Axonal Shear in the nervous system, the new procedure Regenokine, the neurologic status of UFC fighter Georges St. Pierre, PCP thearpy, the new generation of slow running children, posture, compensation patterns, pre-race Tylenol effects/dangers, tibialis posterior tendonitis, shoe selection and so much more !  If you have not listened to one of our podcasts, this one will surely give you a good taste of what you are missing !

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* Today’s show notes:

Neuroscience Pieces:
1.  Future of computing 
2. We have been talking about body part replacements like bionics etc……but this could be the stone in the road to this progress


5. Gait Factoid, posture matters
This week you did another post on running faster and about  "lifting the head to engage extensors"……  here was an article in the news on posture
- can you give the listeners a neat neuro tidbit on posture and the brain ?
6. Ivo: What is your take on leaving obvious problems and compensations alone or fixing them ?      
7 . National Shoe Fit Program
8 . Tylenol Boosts Performance in Hot Conditions
 9. from a blog reader:
Hello Gait Guys,
What would you look to do with a 20 year-old competitive 5k runner (me) with chronic posterior tibialis problems?
- a short background: surgery two years ago on left talo-navicular joint osteochondral defect, since then mileage has been extremely limited (now it begins to fatigue painfully on 30 minute runs). 
Both sides affected, or sometimes one or the other. Arch of right foot got so painful last summer I was on crutches and could not walk/stand without supportive shoes. Currently the left side is most troubling and I can see no pattern!
Many thanks for the fantastic blog
10. Facebook reader:
  • I thought I’d go the experts on this one. I just took a myofacsical release class and the instructor said the most efficient running gait is by using your psoas. So, forward lean until you are about to fall forward and then contract psoas to lift the leg just enough to catch up with the body. He said this is how all the Kenyans run… makes sense kind of.. but???

11. Disclaimer: