The Devil is in the Details

While getting ready to board my flight back from teaching a Level 1 dry needling seminar, this gent was in front of me. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to use the “Gait Cam” (yes, the Gait Guys are ALWAYS watching ) and make a few points.

Watch the video a few times through and come back. 

Did you notice his large heavy bag over in his right hand? Can you see (and imagine) how it pulls his center of gravity to the right? Can you also see how he “corrects” and leans to the left during stance phase (on the left) to move his center of gravity over his left foot? ANYTHING that you have in one hand or over one shoulder will alter your center of gravity and cause a simlar reaction, however subtle that may be. I was reminded of this as I took a much needed “post teaching all weekend run” with my friend. Karly Foster, yesterday through some of the beautiful “rain forests” of the Pacific Northwest and was wondering if I should bring a water bottle or not and didn’t have a pack to carry it, so I would have to carry it by hand. I elected not. 

Did you catch the subtle overpronation of the rearfoot on the right side (as evidenced by the valgus angulation) due to the increased load? Can you imagine what this must do to the lower extremity on that side, not to mention the asymmetry of mechanoreception reaching the cortex? Yikes! talk about potential neuroplastic changes!

Be a “student of observation”. Listen, look and think. Pay attention to the subtle details, as they will often provide what may be missing or the clues you are looking for.